“The birth of Source determined
it’s own purpose.”

Source. The Vision behind.

Source was founded out of the need for such a platform during my own studies. My fellow students and I were sticking together during our studies and had built a safe net to help each other out, when a new challenging topic came up. If we couldn’t figure it out by our own, online-blogs and books were a good way to go. But at some point, looking for the answers by your own can be time-consuming and frustrating.

At this point, I wished there was a way to just look up someone, who had completed my class at my university and is familiar with the very challenges and didactic of my class, so I won’t have to waste a lot of time with explaining my problem and boarding on the tutor.

Especially during my finals, when time is highly precious and the pressure is high, a suitable tutor, experienced in the class, with individual tips and tricks on how to tackle it, could have made a huge difference and turned a stressful final term to a term of quick wins and learning success.

Acquiring knowledge cost a lot of time and effort, so why just finish a stressful term and forget it? I thought, I could become the very guide I was looking for, and by that, also earn some money on the top of it. This was the point, when I decided to launch the source, a place where you can utilize the potential of your space.

I hope source gives you exactly the wins, I intended to provide when building it.

All the best,

Yaseen, Founder